Currently, there are 14 dual language public elementary schools in DC.

Oyster Adams Bilingual DCPS (Spanish)

Cleveland DCSP (Spanish)

Marie Reed DCPS (Spanish)

Bancroft DCPS (Spanish)

Powell Bilingual DCPS (Spanish)

Bruce Monroe at Park View DCPS (Spanish)

Tyler DCPS (Spanish)

Houston Elementary DCPS (Spanish)

Washington Yu Ying PCS (Mandarin)

Mundo Verde PCS (Spanish)

LAMB PCS (Spanish)

Elsie Whitlow Stokes PCS (French and Spanish)

DC Bilingual PCS (Spanish)

Sela PCS (Hebrew)


At the middle and high school level, currently DC has three dual language programs:

DC International School PCS (Spanish, Mandarin and French)

Columbia Heights Education Campus DCPS (Spanish)

Oyster-Adams Bilingual Middle School DCPS  (Spanish)

MacFarland DCPS (Spanish)

Roosevelt DCPS (Spanish)


Two further elementary/early childhood DC schools have interesting language models:

Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy PCS (Spanish)

Briya PCS (Spanish)