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Recording, storify and slides from our inaugural panel discussion

Our panel discussion on Language Immersion in Urban Public Schools: Benefits and Challenges was a very successful inaugural event for the DC Language Immersion Project.

Here is the permanent youtube link to the recording of the panel.

Here is the storify.

Several people asked for the slides/docs of the panelists’ engaging presentations – here they are!

Marty Abbott – Language Immersion on Urban Public Schools: Benefits and Challenges

Gina Bowler and Delores Millhouse – Parents are Powerful Advocates

Maquita Alexander – Chinese Immersion, Implementation, Reflections and Next Steps

Lynn Fulton-Archer – From Vision to Implementation: Delaware’s Focus on “Providing Students with a World of Advantages”

Thank you to our great panelists and to our inspiring moderator Kavitha Cardoza!

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