The Joint National Committee on Languages (JNCL), among other things, analyzes state policies that support dual language immersion.

It recently looked at where DC falls on the spectrum of state support for dual language programs and found that, despite evidence-based research findings, no official recognition for dual language immersion programming as a model for achieving biliteracy exists, neither for English Learners nor English Proficient students. JNCL therefore concludes that Washington, DC “lags woefully behind many of the states in terms of policies supporting [dual language immersion]”.

JNCL offers suggestions on what could be done to address this situation.

  1. Goal/Value Statement by the Deputy Mayor for Education in support of DLI programming as a model for achieving biliteracy for all.
  2. Legislation by DC Council on DLI as a requirement when certain language and/or economic conditions are present.
  3. Advisory Council composed of main stakeholders (education, workforce, economic development, community) to lead roadmap resulting in set of policies.

We look forward to Washington DC, the nation’s capital and global city, catching up with and overtaking other states.


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