Over the last two and a half years, DC Immersion has been making the case that dual language programs should be better supported and expanded because they are an effective way to increase proficiency across all of our DC student populations. You can read our latest public testimony here – Narrowing the Opportunity Gap Through Dual Language.

Thus, we were over the moon when, during the DC Council Committee on Education’s roundtable on his appointment, Chancellor Antwan Wilson said multiliteracy is a “gap closing strategy” he has every intention of using!

On the data that shows how once English language learners get over the language hurdle, then they excel, DC’s new Chancellor for Education said: “is a data point that is true [nationally], and is one of the reasons […] for really supporting students developing multilingual literacy because it makes a difference for all students – it is a gap closing strategy”.

Chancellor Wilson Multilingualism as gap closing strategy from DC Language Immersion Project on Vimeo.

We look forward to working with Chancellor Wilson on a vision for DC as a bilingual education system!

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