The demand for K-12 language immersion in DC still dramatically outweighs the available slots at immersion schools. This means every year hundreds of DC students are prevented from attending language programs because there are not enough seats. This lack of seats leads to deep divisions among immersion students, with access often based on where you live or your family’s income level.

That’s why we need you to get involved and donate during this, our first ever giving week. We’re calling it “Invest in Languages Week” and it’s your chance to help us grow the movement and advocate for foreign language education in DC’s schools – across both traditional public and public charter school sectors.  

Since we founded DC Language Immersion Project over two years ago, the parents, educators and supporters that make up our organization have volunteered countless hours to bring foreign language programs to DC. By supporting DC Immersion, you are not only supporting the launch of new K-12 language programs, but you’re also helping us work with existing language schools to improve or expand their programs.

Look for more reasons you should get involved throughout the week or give a gift today to be a part of the first ever Invest in Languages Week. Help us work to provide this critical educational opportunity to all students in DC!

Vanessa, Jimell and Linsey

Parent and Directors, DC Language Immersion Project

DC Immersion is now a 501(c)(3) – make your tax deductible donations to support our work now!


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