We’ve listened! Here is the ultimate advocacy toolkit to get a multilingual program started in your community.

Tell us a little more about yourself so we can better support and connect you with other advocates in your community, and download the toolkit here. Or you can email us and we’ll send you a paper copy of it. It is a funky booklet that opens up into a poster size flow chart so you might prefer having it in paper copy anyway.

The toolkit includes:

  • a definition of all the key terms relating to Bilingual Education
  • an explanation of the lottery process, deadlines and your odds of winning it
  • a map of existing programs and who they were started by
  • your options as to strategy
  • advice on coalition building
  • a flow chart of all the entities and people that must be in your coalition for your advocacy to be effective, and how your mission overlaps with theirs.

Make it positive, be respectful and start today!

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