Here at DC Immersion we spend a significant amount of our time engaging families and communities about the importance of a multilingual education for all District residents. Guess how excited we were to hear members of the D.C. United team making that argument for us?

D.C. United team members and staff asked for Spanish lessons to be incorporated in their weekly set of activities, to “improve communication with Latino team members — who, in most cases, have learned English to varying degrees through classes and tutors — and to strengthen bonds on a diverse roster.” Read Washington Post reporter Steven Goff’s article here. Our favorite quotes are below. 😍

“I had to pick up the language or I would be lost,” said midfielder Russell Canouse speaking about moving to Germany at the age of 15. “Everything feels distant when you don’t know the language.” Thanks to the Spanish classes “I can fit in with them better and they can see I’m trying. I can interact, make jokes and be more involved, which is important for the group.”

“I pushed for it. I asked for it,” said D.C. United goalkeeper David Ousted who is fluent in Danish, English, Swedish and Norwegian and knows some German. “It’s an opportunity to communicate with guys on another level. And at some point, we won’t be soccer players anymore and speaking another language is going to be a plus.”

Thank you for helping us cure monolingualism, D.C. United! And thank you Coach Olsen for delivering our t-shirts and sending us these great photos. You all look great!

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