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East End Ribbon Cutting for Elsie Whitlow Stokes!

The ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of Elsie Whitlow Stokes East End PCS embodies how far we have come in the understanding of and support for dual language programs in the District of Columbia. DC Immersion is incredibly proud of this progress. Read our Councilmembers’ remarks below.

On September 19, 2018 the second dual language program opened its doors to 140 PK and Kindergarten students in an underserved community in the East End of DC. The determination of school leader Erika Bryant, her staff and community in seeing this school opening through are an inspiration.

Vincent Grey, Councilmember for Ward 7 said “There was a time when we did not put children in immersion because we thought they would not be able to learn in two languages. Now we know that is not true. Stokes is doing great work to build strong foreign language skills – these kids are going to be invincible!”

Stokes is one of the most demographically diverse as well as one of the highest achieving public schools in the District. For over a decade it has received many more applicants than it had space for. Thanks to Building Hope, Stokes was able to locate a building and adapt it to the needs of its student population.

At-Large Councilmember Grosso, Chair of the Education Committee said “This school embodies what I support in education – high achievement, dual language and amazing approach to discipline”

At-Large Councilmember Robert White said “Ward 7 has been clamoring for dual language and Stokes is beginning to address this need.”

Rick Cruz, DC Public Charter School Board Chair said “When I talk to parents, what they want is more unique programs like this one which develop competencies in two or more languages. These programs should be less unique.”

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