On Saturday, January 26th, nearly 1,000 families, educators, employers, and community members from 3 countries, 11 states, and all 8 wards of the District of Columbia attended the 3rd edition of the Multilingual Education Fair of DC to discover local resources for language learners of all ages and abilities. Over 17 languages were represented, including Spanish, French, Mandarin, Arabic, Amharic, and American Sign Language.

A whopping 100% of surveyed attendees and 95% of exhibitors responded that attending the Multilingual Education Fair was a valuable experience and commented on “how organized it was and the passion that everyone shared”, the “positive atmosphere, shared vision, cross sector representation”, and the “great range of schools, organizations and vendors.”

The Multilingual Education Fair of DC is a shining example of how the DC region can leverage multilingualism to strengthen community cohesiveness and increase opportunity for all.

Thank you, Gallaudet University for hosting us! And to all of you who participated, a huge thank you and see you next year!!!

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