Demand for multilingual employees in the DC region has more than doubled over the last five years, yet less than 8% of DC students are on a path to becoming proficient in more than one language.

On Tuesday, as part of the FY2020 Budget, the DC Council approved funding for a “landscape analysis study on dual language in DC Schools to determine the need”. “This will empower our students when they seek higher education and ultimately employment in an increasingly competitive, global 21st Century market.” stated Councilmember Brandon Todd (Ward 4) who is responsible for directing $200,000 towards the Education Committee “to create a roadmap to triple the number of dual language schools in the District by 2025”.

We are proud of our government for beginning to address the need voiced by so many District residents for greater and more equitable access to multilingual education. We are also proud of the students, families, educators and community members who are continuing to advocate for a more coordinated support and expansion of dual language immersion programs for all of our children.

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