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Our Goals (x4 by 2030)

DC Immersion is working to quadruple the number of seats in quality dual language programs by 2030 with a focus on low-income and at-risk communities.

By 2023, our goal is:

  • The District will have legislation mirroring California and New York giving families a right to bilingual education for their children regardless of language spoken at home.
  • 50 school leaders, of which at least half are minority, will be empowered to begin implementing dual language programs in their schools
  • Thanks to policy changes and partnerships with universities and teacher training organizations, the District will more than double the number of highly qualified dual language teachers.
  • 200 families across all 8 wards of the District, at least 70% in at-risk communities, will become advocates and ambassadors for dual language. An additional 4,000 well-informed families from low-income communities will ensure that demand for dual language programs continues to grow.

If you share these goals...

These are ambitious goals that can’t be achieved without your support. Please fund this important work by making a donation today.

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