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Braitmayer Foundation Awards DC Immersion $35,000 Grant


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  – Washington, D.C., April  16th, 2020

The DC Language Immersion Project (DC Immersion) is pleased to announce it was awarded a $35,000 grant from The Braitmayer Foundation.

With this grant, DC Immersion looks forward to supporting students, teachers and families during these distance learning times in innovative ways that will improve equity of access to quality dual language programs and resources beyond these immediate challenging times.

About The Braitmayer Foundation 

The Braitmayer Foundation, located in Marion, Massachussets, was established in 1964 through a gift from Marian S. Braitmayer.  The Braitmayer Foundation is a third-generation family foundation that encourages innovative programs to enhance the quality of education at the pre-collegiate level. Learn more at

About The DC Language Immersion Project

DC Immersion ’s mission is to engage families, support educators, research best practices and advocate for a systematic approach to equitably increasing opportunity and strengthening communities through multilingual education. DC Immersion’s vision is a quality multilingual education for every child in the nation’s capital to become an empathetic citizen of the world, and for the District and its future workforce to compete successfully in the global marketplace. Learn more at

“We are profoundly grateful to The Braitmayer Foundation for its generous support of the work of DC Immersion, and for the flexibility afforded during the COVID-19 pandemic.”
Vanessa Bertelli

Executive Director

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