In April, the DC State Board of Education passed Resolution SR20-5 “in support of measures to increase recruitment and retention of Latino, Hispanic, and Latinx teachers.” This resolution is an important step in better supporting dual language programs across DC. It recommends that :

  • The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) conduct a full review of the teacher workforce pipeline and certification process to identify and remove barriers for Latino, Hispanic, and Latinx teacher candidates
  • Deliberate steps be taken to build recruitment, retention, and hiring teams that represent the staff diversity sought
  • OSSE assist Local Education Agencies in the promotion and creation of “Grow-Your-Own programs” for students to become educators
  • DCPS ensure teachers teaching in dual language classrooms are observed for Impact by individuals who have knowledge of the language being taught as well as the fundamentals of teaching a second language
  • uncompensated duties, such as translation services for colleagues and families, translating curricula and other school materials, etc., be considered toward their Impact Collaboration score
  • OSSE take necessary steps to ensure teachers working in DCPS and charter schools receive adequate training, guidance, and mentorship that includes explicit teaching of American culture throughout their first year
  • an office be established to provide access to appropriate Spanish language classroom resources ongoing professional development opportunities relevant to dual language education
  • OSSE allow three years for educators to acquire DC Teaching Licensure while teaching in DC schools or validate multiple pathways to licensure, including honoring previously-earned post-graduate diplomas and previous teaching experience
  • OSSE approve and administer the PCMAS in Spanish toward full licensure in place of all three parts of the PRAXIS for educators teaching in Spanish
  • OSSE defray fees and assume responsibility for expenses associated with the hiring and certification process, including visa application and sponsorship, certification exams, etc.
  • DCPS sponsor teachers so they are granted H1B visas in place of J1 Visas, provide clear pathways to prove merit toward sponsorship for a green card, and assist educator spouses/partners in obtaining a working visa

We are grateful for the work of the State Board of Education in recognizing the importance of a diverse education workforce and the growing needs of the District’s dual language programs. DC Immersion is proud to have provided critical information to members of the board during the drafting and discussion of the resolution, and looks forward to assisting in implementing these recommendations.

You can read the full resolution here.

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