Dear Friends,

The sad news is that DC Immersion is closing. The good news is that, together, we have built a network of support for equitable access to multilingual education in DC that transcends a specific organization. Thank you for advocating, learning, and celebrating along with us.

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We are proud of what we accomplished over the last six years, but so much more needs to be done. We count on YOU to:

1. Continue informing communities and decision-makers about why this matters. Our website with all of its free-to-use resources will be up for a little bit longer.

2. Keep our elected officials accountable about:

  • a real plan to support and expand high quality multilingual education
  • developing more dual language programs – currently no additional programs are being publicly considered in DC Public Schools or in the charter sector
  • meeting parental demand for dual language programs across the District

3. Keep abreast of all things dual language locally and nationally by following DC educators who are rocking dual language programs and national organizations that support multilingual education.

We look forward to seeing you knocking on doors in the halls of power, organizing in your schools, and supporting the educators in your life. 

Thank you for advocating, learning and celebrating along with us,

DC Immersion Board of Directors and staff

Jimell Sanders, President and Co-Founder
Department of Defense

ElShadey Bekele, Secretary
Children’s National Medical Center

Kevin Clinton, Treasurer
Federal City Council

Ximena Hartsock

Staff Members

Vanessa Bertelli
Executive Director and Co-Founder

Linsey Silver
Director of Teaching and Learning

Betsy C. Romero
Lee Montessori Public Charter School

Maria Tukeva
Columbia Heights Educational Campus DCPS

Blakeney A. Vásquez
Yuiza 21 

Johanna Barrantes
Director of Operations

P.S. Check out our Languages Change Lives multilingual playlist on Spotify! The playlist is collaborative, so feel free to add your favorite multilingual songs for others to enjoy!

Dear Families, educators, and partners,

In 2020 we announced that the DC Language Immersion Project would close its doors due to lack of resources. However, before completely dissolving the organization, we recently asked a group of local and national educators if they - individually or collectively - would be interested in continuing the work of advocating for multilingual education in the District of Columbia. We are pleased to announce that a few individuals responded yes and volunteered to forge a plan to continue this vital work.

So, we are not closing our doors but we are entering a six-to-twelve-month period of dormancy as we determine the best path forward for the DC Immersion Project.  Thank you for your continued support and please stay tuned for updates.

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