Dual Language Immersion 101

A Toolkit for School Leaders

Need to build capacity and buy-in for dual language immersion in your district?

This toolkit lays out the history, goals, research, benefits and challenges of dual language immersion programs, while addressing common myths and misconceptions about who these programs are for and who can lead them.

Based on input from state superintendents, global education deparments, and a nationwide network of professionals and administrators, the content is designed to address concrete and recurring knowledge gaps that are roadblocks to the effective planning and implementation of dual language immersion programs.

  • Cloud-based 24/7 access
  • Interactive and customizable
  • Varied and engaging multimedia

Participants will learn from research and fellow administrators how to:

  • Identify what a DLI program is (and is not)
  • Explain why DLI programs increase equity in our schools
  • Illustrate how DLI programs provide short and long term benefits for students, families, and communities

Course Overview

Terminology | Rationale for the Whole Child | Rationale for School Districts | Equity in DLI |DLI Programs in Your District | Pedagogical Approaches

To show how attainable a multilingual education program is for your community, this toolkit includes:

  • downloadable and customizable resources to plan a DLI program
  • a library of references for deepening knowledge
  • a directory of organizations and resources
  • 20-minute language-specific modules to explore the rationale for selecting a language
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