Get involved

Do you share the vision and mission of DC Language Immersion Project?  Join our grassroots group by signing up here! A pop up will appear.

Spread the word among your personal network – including family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, church members by hosting a forum.  Consider what action you will take – there’s much that can be done as an individual or a group, and as a leader or supporter.

Learn about language immersion programs and schools.  There are many resources about language immersion programs, schools, etc., on this website and elsewhere.  Also consider going to an immersion school‘s open house or making an appointment to visit the school another time.  Talk with parents whose children are enrolled in immersion programs.

Share information, resources and other support related to educating and raising bilingual or multilingual children.  If there’s an immersion program, school, article, or other resource you find useful or interesting, then pass it on.  Consider working with other parents to organize language immersion activities with for your children. Follow this blog and email us at

Advocate for new, expanded and improved language immersion options in DC Public Schools (both traditional and charter).  Contact the State Board of Education (SBOE), the Deputy Mayor for Education (DME) or the Committee on Education of the DC Council.  Call, send an email or letter. Register in advance for public hearings and roundtables. Be prepared to respond to requests for public input regarding search committees, formulation of the school district’s budget, etc.

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