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In 2012 Delaware’s Governor signed the Governor’s World Language Expansion Initiative “The Governor’s World Language Expansion Initiative is an aggressive world language plan to prepare generations of Delaware students with the language skills to compete in an ever-changing global economy at home and around the world. In essence, Delaware will begin to graduate globally-competitive students with advanced-level proficiency in languages, giving them an economic edge in the multilingual and multicultural workforce of the 21st”

All of Delaware’s current immersion programs are in Title I schools.  By 2022, immersion programs will have touched 10,000 Delaware children.

Lynn Fulton-Archer – From Vision to Implementation: Delaware’s Focus on “Providing Students with a World of Advantages”

For further details and to download Spanish and Mandarin Immersion Program brochures see here.  For a broader perspective on Delaware’s International Education goals see here.

World Language Immersion Program Expands for 2015-16 School Year.


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