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Dual Language Drought, December 2015

The Economic Imperative of Bilingual Education, November 2015



DC Language Immersion Schools Flourish in DC, June 12 2015, by Moriah Costa

Greater Greater Washington, June 10, 2015 Education in multiple languages gives kids a big boost, which means high demand for DC’s programs, by David Alpert

New Advocacy Group Pushes for Multilingualism in D.C. Schools, New America Ed, 27 February 2015

Language Immersion Programs Growing in DC but only West of the River, 1 December 2014


Here are the latest articles on language immersion that we have come across.  If you have others you’d like to share please post them in a comment to this page.  Thank you!

Modern languages ‘recovery programme’ urged by United Kingdom’s MPs

HISD proposes new Arabic Language Immersion Magnet to meet needs of culturally diverse city—but-where/2014/10/30/2b2f0864-4d7e-11e4-aa5e-7153e466a02d_story.html’s-book-looks-at-benefits-of-bilingualism

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