These are just a few of the people that over the course of the years have donated their time and skill to DC Immersion. Thank you all for advising, speaking, moderating, organizing, researching, compiling information, making coffee and minding our kids.

Alison Jones


Ambassador Silvia Stanford

Amelia Tseng

Ana Maria Nuevo

Ana Umaran

Andrea Anderson

Andy Shallal

Angelica Infante Green

Anna Lapera

Ayanna Mackins

Becky Reina

Berenice Pernalete

Brenda Richardson 

Brett Voeltz

Cassandra Ogren

Chad Williams

Chanae Brown

Chris Sondreal

Christine Miller

Chuck Thies

Cody Norton

Daiyang Zhang

Daniel Garzon 

Daniel Traster

Deanna Troust

Delia Gonçalves

Delores Millhouse

Donna Sothern

Dr. Robert Slater

Elizabeth Black

Ellie Tiehen


Emma Pederson

Emmanuel Saint-Martin

Fabrice Jaumont

Faith Gibson Hubbard

Gabriel Madison

Gimbiya Lim

Gina Bowler

Glenn Abastillas

Grace Early

Gregg Roberts

Hsi-Ling Liao

Io Ken

Jacqueline Mourot

Jessi White

Jialu Ma

Jonathan Henry

Josh Myers

Juanique McNeill

Julia Ruane

Katarina Brito

Kavitha Cardoza

Kevin Clinton

LaRessa Poole

Laura Honig

Laura Wilson Phelan

Laura Wislowski

Lena Rothfarb

Lydia Felice

Libia Gil

Lindsey Jones-Renaud

Lisa Tabaku

Lourdes Ortega

Lowrey Redmond

Lynn Fulton Archer

Mallory Corlette

Maquita Alexander

Maria Cardona

Madeline Clark

Mariela Lopez

Mark Visona

Martin Austermuhle

Marty Abbott

Mary Levi

Matt Frumin

Meagan Driver

Melanie Hudson

Michael Chandler

Mieya Timmons

Monika Mevissen

Morgan Lee

Natalie Wexler

Nick Huang

Pearl You

Peep Matheson

Ramiro Acosta

Saikou Diallo

Sally Schwartz

Sandra Moscoso

Sara Arranz

Sarah Cacicio

Sarah Schorsher

Sarah Yaussi

Scott Simpson

Sonia Zamborsky

Suzanne Wells

Theodora H. Brown


Veronica Jimenez

Vony Rakotomaniraka

William Rivers

Yating Yang

Dear Families, educators, and partners,

In 2020 we announced that the DC Language Immersion Project would close its doors due to lack of resources. However, before completely dissolving the organization, we recently asked a group of local and national educators if they - individually or collectively - would be interested in continuing the work of advocating for multilingual education in the District of Columbia. We are pleased to announce that a few individuals responded yes and volunteered to forge a plan to continue this vital work.

So, we are not closing our doors but we are entering a six-to-twelve-month period of dormancy as we determine the best path forward for the DC Immersion Project.  Thank you for your continued support and please stay tuned for updates.

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