20 Ways to Say “I Forwarded the Email” Professionally

Communicating that you have forwarded an email is a common occurrence in professional settings. Using varied expressions to convey this action can enhance the clarity and effectiveness of your communication. Here are 20 ways to professionally say “I forwarded the email,” including an example sentence for each, along with a scenario where they might be best used.

1. I’ve Dispatched the Email

Example: “I’ve dispatched the email to the relevant department for their immediate attention.”

Best Use Case: When emphasizing the swift action taken to ensure that the email reaches the appropriate party quickly.

2. I’ve Relayed the Message

Example: “I’ve relayed the message to our team leader to include their input.”

Best Use Case: To indicate you have passed the information to another person for additional actions or responses.

3. The Email Has Been Sent Onward

Example: “The email has been sent onward to the finance team for their review.”

Best Use Case: When you want to note that the email has been forwarded as part of a standard process.

4. I’ve Shared Your Email

Example: “I’ve shared your email with the project manager to address your concerns.”

Best Use Case: For a situation where sharing information is meant to expedite a resolution or response.

5. The Email Has Been Forwarded Accordingly

Example: “The email has been forwarded accordingly to our technical support team.”

Best Use Case: When you’ve taken action that aligns with expected or requested protocols.

6. I’ve Passed Along the Information

Example: “I’ve passed along the information to our marketing department for their action.”

Best Use Case: Indicating that you’ve taken the step to ensure the right group has been informed.

7. Your Email Has Been Circulated

Example: “Your email has been circulated among the decision-makers for further discussion.”

Best Use Case: To show that the email has been shared with a select group for decision-making or brainstorming.

8. I’ve Ensured The Email Reached the Intended Recipient

Example: “I’ve ensured the email reached the intended recipient to expedite the process.”

Best Use Case: When you want to reassure the sender that their email is in the right hands.

9. The Message Has Been Conveyed

Example: “The message has been conveyed to the sales team for next quarter’s planning.”

Best Use Case: To communicate that the information has been successfully shared with the relevant parties.

10. I’ve Transferred the Email

Example: “I’ve transferred the email to our compliance officer for a detailed review.”

Best Use Case: When forwarding an email that requires examination or approval by a specific role.

11. I’ve Routed the Email Appropriately

Example: “I’ve routed the email appropriately to ensure all concerns are addressed promptly.”

Best Use Case: To assure the original sender that their email is being directed to the right person or team.

12. I’ve Extended the Correspondence

Example: “I’ve extended the correspondence to our international branches for global insight.”

Best Use Case: When an email is shared with a wider audience for additional feedback or input.

13. The Content Has Been Forwarded

Example: “The content has been forwarded to the editorial team for content verification.”

Best Use Case: For a scenario where the information within the email is the focus of the forwarding action.

14. I’ve Propagated the Email

Example: “I’ve propagated the email to all stakeholders to keep everyone in the loop.”

Best Use Case: When the email is shared broadly to ensure transparency or widespread information distribution.

15. I’ve Disseminated the Information

Example: “I’ve disseminated the information to the department heads for strategic planning.”

Best Use Case: Highlighting that the email has been distributed for a specific, often higher-level, purpose.

16. I’ve Delivered the Email

Example: “I’ve delivered the email to our customer service team to enhance our response efficiency.”

Best Use Case: For indicating a direct and purposeful forwarding to address or utilize the email’s content.

17. The Email Has Been Replicated to the Necessary Team

Example: “The email has been replicated to the necessary team for immediate action.”

Best Use Case: When you want to stress prompt action by the recipients.

18. I’ve Broadcasted the Email

Example: “I’ve broadcasted the email across the organization for widespread awareness.”

Best Use Case: Suitable for emails that contain information vital to the entire organization.

19. I’ve Directed the Email Where Needed

Example: “I’ve directed the email where needed to facilitate a quicker turnaround.”

Best Use Case: Emphasizing efficiency and the aim to speed up the process.

20. The Email Has Been Channeled to the Appropriate Party

Example: “The email has been channeled to the appropriate party for expert evaluation.”

Best Use Case: When forwarding an email that requires specific expertise or attention for proper handling.

Using these phrases can enhance the professional tone of your email communication, providing clear and effective messaging about the actions taken with email correspondence.

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