20 Ways to Say “Nice to Connect With You”

Making connections is a fundamental part of human interaction, whether in our personal lives or professional worlds. Acknowledging a new connection in a meaningful way can set the tone for future interactions. Here are 20 different ways to say “Nice to connect with you,” paired with an example sentence and best use case for each. These phrases can help you articulate your appreciation for new connections with nuance and sincerity.

1. Pleasure Making Your Acquaintance

  • Example: “It was a pleasure making your acquaintance at the conference.”
  • Best Use Case: Ideal for formal or semi-formal settings where you’ve just met someone.

2. Great Meeting You

  • Example: “Great meeting you at Jamie’s dinner party last night.”
  • Best Use Case: Perfect for casual or informal contexts after a friendly gathering.

3. Enjoyed Our Conversation

  • Example: “I really enjoyed our conversation about renewable energy today.”
  • Best Use Case: Use when you want to highlight a specific discussion that was particularly engaging or meaningful.

4. Glad We Could Connect

  • Example: “Glad we could connect over Zoom; looking forward to our project.”
  • Best Use Case: Suitable for professional situations, especially when referring to a digital or remote meeting.

5. Delighted to Meet You

  • Example: “I’m delighted to meet you; your work in the industry is inspiring.”
  • Best Use Case: When you want to express both pleasure in the meeting and admiration for the individual’s accomplishments.

6. Happy to Have Crossed Paths

  • Example: “I’m so happy to have crossed paths with you at the workshop.”
  • Best Use Case: Ideal for expressing serendipity and excitement about a chance meeting.

7. Thrilled to Link Up

  • Example: “Thrilled to link up; I think there’s a lot we can collaborate on.”
  • Best Use Case: Perfect in professional contexts when anticipating future collaboration.

8. Appreciate the Connection

  • Example: “I appreciate the connection; your insights were incredibly valuable.”
  • Best Use Case: When you want to express gratitude for not just the meeting but also the knowledge or perspectives shared.

9. Looking Forward to Staying in Touch

  • Example: “Looking forward to staying in touch; it’s been enlightening getting to know you.”
  • Best Use Case: Suitable for both personal and professional contexts where you intend to maintain ongoing communication.

10. Honored to Connect With You

  • Example: “I’m honored to connect with you and learn about your experiences.”
  • Best Use Case: When meeting someone you highly respect or look up to, indicating both pleasure and privilege in the connection.

11. Grateful for Our Meeting

  • Example: “I’m grateful for our meeting; your feedback was invaluable.”
  • Best Use Case: Perfect for situations where the connection resulted in beneficial advice or feedback.

12. It Was a Highlight to Meet You

  • Example: “It was a highlight to meet you; your presentation was the best part of the event.”
  • Best Use Case: When you want to compliment someone on their contribution to an event or project while acknowledging the connection.

13. Felt Great Connecting

  • Example: “Felt great connecting; let’s not let it be a one-time thing.”
  • Best Use Case: Great for more casual interactions where you sense potential for a deeper or ongoing relationship.

14. Enjoyed Our Interaction

  • Example: “I truly enjoyed our interaction today; your perspective is refreshing.”
  • Best Use Case: Suitable for any context where the discussion or exchange of ideas was particularly stimulating.

15. Happy We Got to Meet

  • Example: “Happy we got to meet; your project sounds fascinating.”
  • Best Use Case: When you want to express contentment with the meeting and show interest in the other person’s work or passion.

16. Glad for the Opportunity to Connect

  • Example: “I’m glad for the opportunity to connect; it opens up many possibilities.”
  • Best Use Case: Applicable in professional scenarios where the connection has potential strategic value.

17. Fortunate to Have Met You

  • Example: “I feel fortunate to have met you; your advice was just what I needed.”
  • Best Use Case: When the meeting provided you with timely or crucial guidance or support.

18. What a Pleasure to Link Up

  • Example: “What a pleasure to link up; your energy is contagious!”
  • Best Use Case: Suitable for more informal or spirited interactions where the other’s personality made a strong positive impression.

19. Valued Our Time Together

  • Example: “I valued our time together; your viewpoint has given me lots to consider.”
  • Best Use Case: When you want to emphasize the quality of the time spent together and the impact it had on your thoughts or plans.

20. Memorable Meeting You

  • Example: “It was memorable meeting you; I’m inspired by our conversation.”
  • Best Use Case: Applicable in any context where the interaction was not only positive but left a lasting impression on you.

Expressing your appreciation for new connections in a thoughtful and appropriate manner can lay the groundwork for meaningful relationships, collaborations, and exchanges. Whether in a professional meeting, at a networking event, or a casual encounter, these phrases help communicate your gratitude and openness to future interactions.

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